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Hiroyuki Miki

Hiroyuki Miki

Associate ProfessorDevice Technology

Research Fields Solid-state physics , Powder metallurgy, Functional materials
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Research Outline QOL (quality of life) of materials and mechanical systems Materials development for the mechanical system with a long-life life and a high reliability

A present mechanical system and structures become large and complicated in recent years. For that reason, the simplification of a system, resource saving and energy saving technology attract attention as social needs. One solution to achieve these problems is a machine with a completely new feature. The other important possibility is making the conventional system highly efficient and also multi-functionalizing. 

Many of researches of mechanical engineering are trying to find out a certain answer about this problem. In our research group, we have proposed “QOL of materials and mechanical systems “as an important keyword. This not only makes a mechanical system highly efficient, but improves the functionality of each material which composes a machine. In order to improve in energy efficiency and reduce operation cost, we develop highly efficient material and improve the lifetime and reliability of a mechanical system.

The following three items are investigated for the design of the highly efficient machine which is excellent in reliability and durability. "Functional integration" is given to "a design of a function and form" in the conventional mechanical system. (1) Functional hard carbon film required for a design of "conductivity and contact surface". (2) Magnetic shape memory alloy which has two electro-magnetic functionalities as "sensing and actuating". (3) Technique which crystallizes powder dynamically by the simultaneous operation of “compression and shearing force"

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