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Wataru Shoji

Wataru Shoji

Associate ProfessorLife and Environmental Science

Research Fields Neuroembryology, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics
Research Subjects
  • Neural circuits development
  • Lipid metabolism on developmental biology
  • Genetic model system for undiagnosed human disease
Academic Society Membership Japanese Society of Developmental Biologysts, The Molecular Biology Society of Japan,
The Japan Neuroscience Society
Research Outline Investigation of Neural Circuit Development- from Neuron to Behavior

Vertebrate nervous system is primarily composed of neurons and glial cells. During development, neural axons and dendrites extend and choose stereotyped pathways and establish synaptic connections with their targets. We are interested in how neural circuits are formed and mature for functions. Transparent zebrafish larva, which has relatively simple neural circuits and yet shows several simple behaviors such as swimming, escaping, and flapping, is a suitable model organism for investigating neural circuit development. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we aim to elucidate the developmental process underlying the formation of neural networks that function in fundamental behaviors.

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