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Kazuyuki Suzuki

Kazuyuki Suzuki

Specially Appointed Associate ProfessorResearch Administrator

Research Fields Particle Beam Engineering, Energy Conversion Devices, Materials for Optical Filters
Research Subjects
Academic Society Membership  
Job Experience  
  • Acquisition of competitive research funds
  • Research management, administration duties after the acquisition of the research fund
  • Corresponding to the audits, investigations, and inspections from various organizations
  • Press release, Corresponding to press coverage
  • R&D of high efficiency generation systems utilizing solar panels and thermos-electric modules
  • Development of the solar tracking generation system and establishment of the method of performance simulation of the system, Technology transfer to the private companies, and Sales support
  • Social acceptability evaluation and technical value evaluation on renewable energy systems
  • Establish of the method of radiation resistance evaluation on space materials using particle beam accelerators
  • Design of dielectric multilayer optical filters using optical film simulation software, and fabrication of them by multi-target sputtering deposition
  • Establish of the method of fabrication of the nanowires of transparent electrode materials by sputtering
  • Evaluation of heat recovery efficiency by thermal fluid analysis
  • Investigation of technics for waste heat recovery and utilization, and estimation of suppressing carbon dioxide emissions

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