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Hiroshi Masumoto

Hiroshi Masumoto


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Research Outline New Intelligent Materials by Functional Properties Integration

In the "information and recognition" region, new intelligent materials, such as a new functional sensor material by functional property integration, a biomaterial, and a low environmental load material, are investigated and developed. Namely, it is to aim at new functional property and high-performance material, by harmony design among materials, properties and processes, such as the magnetic - dielectric material with multilayer structure of the metal-ceramics, osteoconductive implant material by titanium surface modification using plasma, nano metallic particles ? ceramics material, etc.. Especially, the research of "integrated functional materials" which gives two or more functions into one material is primary importance theme. In our laboratory, such materials are developed by various vapor-deposition methods of sputtering and chemical-vapor-deposition, plasma irradiation and hot-press sintering.

In order to develop these new functional materials efficiently, joint research of interdisciplinary and across boundaries with the different field of in the university and outside is very important. These researches will be the important themes for the sustainable development of the human-beings society which put earth environment preservation and safety into the view.

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