FRIS (researchers from various fields)
CoRE (environment allowing them intensive interaction )
Expanding the frontier of human knowledge

Organisms have evolved in diverse ways, through their interactions with the natural environment and other species. Likewise, we believe that diverse researchers will grow when they are given an environment where they can go beyond their respective disciplines by interacting with researchers from other fields. We also believe that new, richly diverse strands of science will bring about a variety of innovations.

What is special about FRIS, or the Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, in the context of Japan is that it is an institute that brings together (1) early-career independent researchers (2) from all over the world, and (3) from wide-ranging specialties, a place where diverse researchers co-exist, interact with, and stimulate each other. FRIS has established “CoRE,” an environment where those diverse researchers work together. CoRE, which stands for Cooperative Research Environment, enables routine interdisciplinary interaction by providing experimental facilities for a wide range of fields under one roof. Our goal is to create new, richly diverse strands of science through synergy between FRIS and CoRE.

Cooperative Research Environment = CoRE


The Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University
TEL: +81-22-795-5755

By Subway
Four-minute walk from the North 1 exit of Aobayama Station on the Sendai Subway Tozai Line (Approximately 9 minutes from Sendai Station / 250 JPY one-way)
By Taxi
Approximately 15 minutes from Sendai Station / 2,000 JPY one-way