Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


What We Do

Our objective is to create new wisdom and values and to contribute to the enrichment of human society by fostering researches of young researchers through collaboration with each Graduate School, each Research Institute and the Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education in Tohoku University, while pioneering and promoting interdisciplinary research by fusing different fields.

FRIS Triangle

How We Do It

We promote researches that researchers aim at cross-sectoral fusion of a wider range of academic disciplines by actively exchanging and collaborating with researchers in other fields, working mainly on their core research fields.
To support them, we established a Managing & Planning Section to promote mutual understanding and cooperation within and outside the six research areas, further to support human exchange and collaborative research, etc. with other faculties, schools, etc. in Tohoku University and other universities.

6 Research Areas