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Creative Interdisciplinary Collaboration Program 2020

Assist. Prof. Kohei Ichikawa

Title Astronomical Phenomena in Historical Literature
Priod 2020-2021

It is a long-standing problem of how the universe has been formed and developed, and how astronomical objects has been formed along with the cosmological timescale. To answer those questions astronomers have observed various astronomical objects using telescopes, which now enable us to reach some objects far away, even the sources at 13 billion years ago. On the other hand, the current style of astronomical observational data is accessible only up to ~100 yrs. That is, it is still very difficult to study the long-timescale phenomena or transient objects which is currently very faint.

Analysis of historical records has recently received much attention as an independent approach opening the new parameter space for studying long time-scale astronomical phenomena beyond the human lifetime. Although the historical records are limited only for bright objects observable by naked eyes (down to around m~4-6 mag), the historical records provide us the best observational data in the era when the observational and computing technology was not developed enough. We aim to open such new parameter spaces that can be uniquely explored by such historical records.