Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University

Research Projects

Creative Interdisciplinary Collaboration Program 2020

Assist. Prof.  Tomomi Tsunematsu

Title Elucidation of sleep shift mechanism using misfolding proteins that mimic aging
Priod 2020-2021

The quality of sleep and biological rhythm change with age. However, the detail mechanism in still unknown. For example, it remains unclear that why aging cause reduction of deep non-REM sleep, fragmentation of sleep, and keeping early hours. Aging-induced defects are also evident in various misfolding disease states such as diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders. Especially in Japan, where aging is becoming more serious, it is estimated that the population with dementia will reach approximately 7 million by 2025, which is equivalent to one in five people over the age of 65. This is one of the targets of Japan as it confronts the problems of a super-aging society. In this study, we focus on mis-folding proteins that cause aging-related neurodegenerative diseases and make an attempt to quantify the alteration in sleep quality associated with brain damage. We explore new theory regarding “various aging-related disorders and sleep”. Ultimately, our research will create highly novel value and build treatment strategies for related diseases, thus contributing to healthy longevity.