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Research Projects

Creative Interdisciplinary Collaboration Program 2020

Assist. Prof. Yasunori Okamoto

Title Outer membrane engineering of E.coli cells towards bio-nanofactory
Priod 2021-2022

Delivering a drug only to the affected area at the appropriate time enables to reduce the amount of medication, leading to improvement of Quality of Life (QOL) of patients. For this spatiotemporal control of drug distribution in the body, drug delivery systems (DDS), in which drugs and carriers are combined, have been developed from basic to clinical aspects. One of the representatives is Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC). Building on these advancements, the next challenge is to synthesize a drug at a diseased site. A nanofactory is constructed by encapsulating a chemical conversion module inside a vesicle such as a liposome or a polymersome. However, there are still some limitations regarding the efficiency of the internalization of the chemical conversion module and the toxicity of the vesicles. Here, we focus on bio-derived vesicles, which are expected to have low toxicity, as a platform for a nanofactory. In this project, we aim to establish a technology platform for the nanofactory.