Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University

Adopted so far

Support Program for Interdisciplinary Research


Leader Affiliation Theme
School of Law Prof.
Yoshikuni Ono
Interdisciplinary research on non-verbal communication and political judgment
Graduate School of Agricultural Science Assoc Prof.
Tomonori Nochi
Elucidation and regulation in maintenance of mucosal homeostasis response for exocrine glands
Institute for Materials Research Prof.
Tetsu Ichitsubo
Ultrafast phase-change materials utilizing resonant-bonding switching


Leader Affiliation Theme
Prof. Masaya Yamamoto Graduate School of Engineering  
Prof. Hidemi Kato Institute for Materials Research  


Leader Affiliation Theme
Prof. Takeshi Kakegawa Graduate School of Science From amino acid to cell division: new development of study on origin of life using potentials at Tohoku University
Assoc.Prof. Kouji Taniguchi Institute for Materials Research Electrical control of magnetism by ionics devices
Assoc.Prof. Rie Umetsu Institute for Materials Research Control of electrostrictive and magnetostrictive properties, and analyses of domain structure in functional materials


Leader Affiliation Theme
Assoc.Prof. Shunsuke Kurosawa Institute for Materials Research Development of Novel Scintillation Materials for High-Energy Physics


Leader Affiliation Theme
Assoc.Prof. Masanori Tachikawa Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dynamics of plasma-induced membrane transport and its application to drug delivery system
Prof. Makoto Suzuki Graduate School of Engineering Reproduction of molecular energy-conversion function utilizing molecular flexibility and solvent effects
Prof. Jun Ishimoto Institute of Fluid Science Institute of Fluid Science Development of environment-friendly cleaning method using a cryogenic micro-nano solid particles and its deployment to the high-density hydrogen storage technology