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Takashi Itoh

Takashi Itoh

Associate ProfessorMaterials and Energy

Research Fields Electrochemistry, Industrial physical chemistry, Material chemistry
Research Subjects
  • In situ Raman Spectroscopy for battery active materials.
  • Developments of Zn-air batteries, Li ion batteries and fuel cells.
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Research Outline New Battery Active Materials for Environmental Systems

The central topic of this project in “Region and Environment” is electrochemistry, which includes important roles of photo-electrochemistry in chemical conversion systems and for secondary batteries for energy conversion systems. Electrochemical processes in this project are straightforward technology to engineering, region and environment.

Objectives of this project:

i) Battery Active Materials for Lithium Batteries and Fuel Cells Electrochemical energy conversion system is one of the clean technologies for environment. In this project, we are developing high performance new battery active materials. We are performing In Situ Raman spectroscopy that is the simultaneous measurements of electrochemistry and Raman spectroscopy to evaluate the stability of the battery active materials

ii) Molecular Electronics Redox system in molecules at the electrochemical interface is one of the alternative device systems to semiconductor materials. In the next generation, we may employ switching “On-Off” devices, which characteristics come from molecular structures and redox systems.

Since these two objectives include multi-interdisciplinary research areas, this project aims to clean society for environment.

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