Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Kenji Toma

ProfessorAdvanced Basic Science

Research Fields Astrophysics
Research Subjects
  • Extreme phenomena driven by black holes
  • Polarized light
  • Gravitational wave emitters, Objects in the early universe
Academic Society Membership The Astronomical Society of Japan, The Physical Society of Japan
Research Outline  

There still remain many mysteries on the evolution of the universe and various cosmic objects: What are the origins of dark matter and dark energy? Does an extra-dimension exist? What are the nature of a number of black hole candidates and their roles in the universe? How are stars born and how do they explode? How are planets born around a star? Do extraterrestrial lives exist?

We cannot regulate astronomical phenomena in the laboratory. It is therefore difficult to extract certain properties of the phenomena by controlling the conditions, and we have to invoke multiple disciplines to understand the phenomena. Such phenomena consist of various types of atoms, molecules, ionized plasma, photons, neutrinos, nucleons, dark matter, dark energy, and so on. For these I have invoked mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, plasma physics, particle physics, relativity, and so on.

I especially focus on extreme phenomena driven by black holes. They are thought not only to absorb materials but also to release huge energies. I clarified the condition for that energy release mathematically by integrating relativity and plasma physics. Furthermore, I am promoting some international collaborations utilizing electromagnetic observational data over multi-wavelengthes spanning radio to gamma-rays. In particular, I developed a new research field exploring the explosive mechanism at birth of black holes with polarimetric observations. Recently I also perform numerical experiments with an extensive computer cluster.

In FRIS I also plan and organize various research communication times such as seminars, conferences, and writing omnibus books, including young researchers in various fields. From such communications I have extended my own researches by obtaining other ways of thinking. I also seek how to contribute theoretical astronomy way of thinking to other research fields.

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