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Tohoku University


Hiroya Abe

Associate professorDevice and Technology

Mentor Information
Hitoshi Shiku (Graduate School of Engineering)
Research Fields Biosensor, Energy catalysts, Polymer chemistry, Biomaterials, Bioinspired materials
Research Subjects
  • Electrochemical devices for imaging communication between cells
  • Electrochemical catalysts for environmental and energy application
  • 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering and regeneration
  • Bio-inspired materials, Functional polymer
Academic Society Membership The Electrochemical Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, The Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems, Japan, Material Research Society, USA
Research Outline  

My research interest is electrochemical devices for imaging molecules, such as neurotransmitters and metabolite, released from bio tissues. The electrochemical devices have a large number of electrodes on the substrate, which enable to make movies of electroactive analytes.

Moreover, my research interests are designing the highly active electrochemical catalysts for energy and environmental fields. The catalysts were inspired by nature. For example, I have successfully designed a highly active oxygen reduction catalytic electrode inspired by molecular structures of dopamine and heme, which were made from non-precious metals. And also, I am trying to design three-dimensional scaffolds and various highly functional materials (adhesion, mechanical response, temperature responsive materials, etc.).

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