Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Kaoru Hiramoto

Assistant ProfessorDevice and Technology

Mentor Information
Ayumi Hirano (Advanced Institute for Materials Research)
Research Fields Analytical electrochemistry
Research Subjects
  • Electrochemical analysis of cellular secretomes
  • Development of electrochemical imaging system for cellular analysis
Academic Society Membership The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, The Electrochemical Society of Japan, International Society of Electrochemistry
Research Outline  

Cells consume and secrete chemical species to maintain homeostasis, and the analysis of those species is essential to better understand physiological and pathological manner of living systems. Electrochemical devices provide unique strategy for elucidation of cells by measuring redox or ionic currents relative to the concentrations of chemical species at the vicinity of cells. Taking advantages of label-free and low-invasive manner of electrochemical measurements, gaseous molecules (e.g., oxygen, nitric oxide), enzymatic activity, and secreted proteins from cells can be detected in real-time. Specifically, I have been focusing on evaluation of respiratory activity of mammal embryos and tumor spheroids, which can further be utilized for infertility treatment and cancer studies.

I have been investigating several electrochemical devices such as micro/nano probe electrodes, electrode arrays, and electrochemical imaging systems to visualize metabolic activity of cells and tissues. By doing so, I aim to develop analytical platform that enable highly sensitive detection and evaluation of cellular functions which further facilitate the studies regarding modern medicine and bio-related industry.

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