Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Bin Ho Le

Assistant ProfessorInformation and System

Mentor Information
Hiroaki Matsueda (Graduate School of Engineering)
Research Fields Quantum foundation, Quantum measurements, Quantum computing
Research Subjects
  • The error and disturbance in quantum measurement
  • Quantum-enhanced metrology and tomography
  • Quantum computing and variational algorithms
Academic Society Membership The Physical Society of Japan and the American Mathematical Society
Research Outline  

With the rapid growth of quantum computers, besides quantum algorithms, the combination with various computational tools in computer science will find it beneficial to implement numerous tasks. This combination has opened new potential research directions and will solve many impossible problems for classical computers. For example, numerous variational quantum algorithms combined with optimization tools of computer science have been applied for task-oriented programming, such as finding ground and excited states in many-body systems and quantum chemistry, dynamical simulation quantum systems, quantum approximate optimization algorithms, solving linear systems of equations or matrix-vector multiplication, singular value decomposition, and machine learning and data science among the others.

New frontiers that quantum computing can tackle include the relevant quantum-to-classical transition, quantum information theory, entanglement spectroscopy, and quantum metrology. And here, my research focuses on proposing a new frontier subject for quantum-enhanced precision limits in quantum measurements and quantum estimation theories by utilizing the advantages of the interdisciplinary combination between quantum computing and tools in computer science. The research interests also include building a large-scale quantum simulation platform, quantum algorithms for generating entangled and squeezed systems, barren plateau problems, error mitigation, and quantum compiling.


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