Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Sheng Xu

Assistant ProfessorDevice and Technology

Mentor Information
Toshihiro Omori (Graduate School of Engineering)
Research Fields Materials and Energy
Research Subjects
  • Metallurgy, Microstructure
  • Development of ultra-elastic and super-elastic alloys.
  • Elastic strain engineering.
Academic Society Membership  he Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, Association of Shape Memory Alloys
Research Outline  

My research is dedicated to developing metallic materials characterized by exceptional elastic properties. Elastic deformation leverages the reversible changes in atomic distances within a crystal lattice, making the control of elastic strain pivotal for tailoring the physical and chemical properties of materials. To date, I have successfully developed a novel copper-based alloy exhibiting a significant elastic strain exceeding 4.3%, alongside the creation of metal materials that demonstrate a negative Poisson's ratio. These advancements pave the way for the emergence of materials with novel functionalities and the exploration of new application domains through precise elastic strain manipulation. Going forward, my research will focus on elucidating the mechanisms behind the unique elastic properties observed in copper-based alloys and formulating material design principles. Additionally, by exploiting these distinct elastic characteristics, I aim to venture into unexplored application fields, such as biomaterials, and spearhead the burgeoning field of "elastic strain engineering."


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