Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Kohei Shimokawa

Assistant ProfessorMaterials and Energy

Mentor Information
Tetsu Ichitsubo (Institute for Materials Research)
Research Fields Energy materials, Electrochemistry
Research Subjects
  • Materials design for the development of novel energy conversion/storage devices
  • Energy conversion science in the interdisciplinary field of biology and engineering
Academic Society Membership The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, The Electrochemical Society of Japan
Research Outline  

Sunlight is almost the only energy source for the Earth. Therefore, “how to store and utilize solar energy” is one of the most important issues for achieving a future sustainable society.

I have been conducting fundamental research on the development of next-generation rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are artificial energy-conversion systems that can convert electrical and chemical energies. On the other hand, there is a biological energy-conversion system, photosynthesis, which can convert sunlight to chemical energy. In this work, focusing on their similarities as energy conversion systems, I will develop (i) novel energy conversion/storage devices utilizing light energy and (ii) energy conversion science in the interdisciplinary field of biology and engineering.

To address the energy and environmental issues, interdisciplinary approaches would be essential. I aim to open a new field of energy conversion bridging the gap between biology and engineering for a future sustainable society.

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