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Sai Sun

Assistant ProfessorInformation and Systems

Mentor Information
Shuichi Sakamoto (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Research Fields Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, Psychephysics, Neuroeconomics
Research Subjects
  • Neurobiopsychosocial understanding of human spontaneous motor tempo and potential engineering application for well-being.
  • Neural dynamics of human visual perception, cognition, social & non-social decision-making.
Academic Society Membership Japanese Neuroscience society, Society for Neuroscience, Society for NeuroEconomics, Human brain mapping
Research Outline  

Each individual has his/her own natural tempo/speed in walking, speaking and other activities. Such tempo preference may reflect individual cognitive speed, personality traits, and/or life styles, and thus determine the uniqueness of human behaviors.

As a researcher with psychology and neuroscience background and long-standing interest in human brain and behaviors, currently, I am particularly interested in how human brain generates spontaneous/natural motor tempo, followed by why people show the large individual differences on natural tempo preference, can we predict such individual differences based on task-free and task-based neural activities during spontaneous movement activity.

Our neural findings may provide seeds for behavioral/neural intervention via neuro-feedback or noninvasive brain stimulation. Our study may lead to apps/software application and engineering products development to help to improve general physical and mental health among both normal people and patients, i.e. tuning natural tempo into daily activities to optimize performance or reduce stress/anxiety levels thus leading a natural life.

Fig.1 Research outline framework

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