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Tohoku University


Takahiro Chiba

Assistant ProfessorDevice and Technology

Mentor Information
Hiroaki Matsueda (Graduate School of Engineering)
Research Fields Spintronics, Topological Materials, Thermoelectrics
Research Subjects
  • Digital and Analog Computing Based on Voltage-Driven Magnetic Device
  • Electron-Photon Coupling on The Surface of Topological Materials
  • First-Principals Study of Topological Thermoelectric Materials
Academic Society Membership The Japan Society of Applied Physics, The Physical Society of Japan, The Magnetics Society of Japan
Research Outline  

In order to realize a technologically-centered society that highly integrates virtual and real spaces, it is essential to develop next-generation IT-devices combining "large capacity, high speed, and low power consumption". "Spintronics" is expected as an IT-infrastructure-technology that can meet the above three conditions in response to social demands. At the present stage, magnetic information (polarity/dynamics of magnets) is mainly manipulated by means of magnetic fields or electric currents. Recently, for requirement of low power consumption, "voltage-control" of the magnetic information has attracted a great deal of attention. In particular, voltage-driven magnetioresistive random access memory (MRAM) is vigorously studied, which manipulates the magnetic information by applying a voltage. This memory device can greatly reduce energy loss associated with heat generation in a circuit, whereas there are still issues in material development, which prevents the social implementation of the voltage-driven MRAM.

Motivated by the above situation, I focus on a new-type material the so-called "topological material", and by utilizing a peculiar electronic state found on the surface of the topological materials I work on material development and application to the voltage-controlled magnetic memory. I also try to develop an "analog memory" that is an extension of the concept of the voltage-controlled magnetic memory, with the aim of applying to artificial neural networks and pseudo-quantum computing based on physical phenomena. In the future, I aim to contribute to the next-generation IoT-technology by introducing an on-chip device that combines the above memory technologies with light/thermal power generation device.

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