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Linda Zhang

Assistant ProfessorMaterials and Energy

Mentor Information
Shin-ichi Orimo (Advanced Institute for Materials Research)
Research Fields Materials science and engineering
Research Subjects
  • Porous materials for energy carrier storage, e.g. hydrogen
  • PEfficient light gas isotope captures and separations, e.g. hydrogen/deuterium/tritium
  • PMaterials design for the development of novel energy storage devices
Academic Society Membership  
Research Outline  

From cutting carbon emissions and air pollution to clean energy, critical challenges still exist in creating a new generation of energy-oriented materials that leads to innovative green technologies. To respond to these challenges, I have a particular and enthusiastic interest in porous materials, which hold the promise to solve some of our world's most pressing challenges, such as environmental pollution and energy shortage.

My research interest focuses on developing and exploring a platform of MOFs, in terms of separating light isotopes as fuels for nuclear fusion energy, such as 3He/4He, H2/T2, etc., CO2 capture and separation, and proton exchange membranes for fuel cells and battery related technologies. Fundamental studies on synthesizing, characterizing and understanding of adsorbate–surface interactions, size/shape exclusion and conversion, and reduction processes will be carried out. This research project will bridge the link between molecular level insight into material structure upon gas binding and endeavor in application for the energy conversion, infusing interdisciplinary knowledge of chemistry, physics, and material science. The achievements will not only contribute to the interdisciplinary study, but also will open up new opportunities to develop highly efficient and advanced energy storage systems with porous materials.


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