Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Tenure in FRIS 2017.2-2022.7

Alimu Tuoheti

Assistant ProfessorHuman and Society

Mentor Information
Toshiaki Kimura (Graduate School of Arts and Letters)
Research Fields History of thought, Religious studies, Theory of comparative culture, Area studies
Research Subjects
  • A theoretical study about the uniqueness of the marginal culture and cultural change - On the relationship between East Asia and the Islamic civilization zone and its interdisciplinary research
  • Constructing a System of Collecting and Studying Source Material for Culture Studiest
Academic Society Membership Japanese Association for Religious Studies, Association of Japanese Intellectual History, The Sino logical Society of Tohoku
Research Outline  

My research interest in the graduate program focuses on Confucianism and Chinese philosophy. And I graduated with a master thesis with the title of “Comparing Confucianism in Song and Ming Dynasty and Islamic Philosophy”, the topic whether Islam has been localized in China or not has been discussed heatedly for a long time in Chinese academia. And what role does Confucianism play in the process of localization. and My doctor thesis is about “the Interpretation and Reconstruction of Syusigaku by Japanese Confucianism”, My paper focuses on the changes of Chinese Confucianism during its localization and transformation in Japan, on the basis of the relation between Syusigaku and Confucianism in Tokugawa period of Japan, trying to explore the difference between culture characteristics of various countries and ethnics. Since China and Japan are the typical Confucian countries in East Asia, my comparative studies of Japanese and Chinese Confucianism is of great importance and significance.

Currently, On the basis of my previous work, I focus my current research on the relation among Oriental Philosophy and Religion. Although there have been lots of research and studies in cultures of China, Japan, and Central Asian Islamic Countries included Turkey, the relations among different cultures and thoughts of these countries have not been studied research plan has a highly theoretical and realistic significance for its innovative and insightful touch on dialogues among various civilizations, including China, Japan and Central Asian Islamic Countries, for coexistence and development in the age of globalization.

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