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Tohoku University


Gen Hayase

Tenure in FRIS 2015.04-2019.10

Gen Hayase

Assistant professorMaterials and Energy

Mentor Information
Associate Professor
Hiroshi Yabu (Advanced Institute for Materials Research)
Research Fields inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, interface and colloid chemistry
Research Subjects
  • Synthesis of monolithic porous materials and their applications
Academic Society Membership The Ceramic Society of Japan, The Japanese Sol-Gel Society, The Society of Fiber Science and Technology Japan
Research Outline  

Porous materials have been prepared with various chemical compositions ranging from inorganic oxides to organic and biomaterials. Those materials are widely used as catalyst supports, thermal insulators, sound insulators, shock adsorbents, and separation media.

The aim of this research is to synthesize monolithic porous materials and observe from the aspects of both 3D bulk structure and 2D surface. Samples with high porosity are synthesized via a sol-gel process by utilizing phase separation and aggregation of particles. Structural and bulk properties are observed to develop practical applications such as thermal insulators, optical devices, and soft robotics. Also, I try to find processes to form macroporous structures by using interface phenomenon between particles/fibers and polymers.

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