Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Hisashi Kino

Tenure in FRIS 2015.1-2022.12

Hisashi Kino

Assistant ProfessorDevice and Technology

Mentor Information
Tetsu TANAKA (Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering)
Research Fields Semiconductor Engineering
Research Subjects
  • Semiconductor Engineering
Academic Society Membership IEEE, JSAP
Research Outline  

Semiconductor devices support infrastructure for an advanced information society. Semiconductor engineering is a necessary discipline for our productive life. On the other hand, a lots of researchers study about bionics. Bionics is a discipline which apply system and structure of nature to new technologies. Researchers study and develop bionics using some technology such as microfabrication process developed in semiconductor engineering. In contrast, semiconductor engineers use new knowledge from bionics for development of novel structure or novel function devices. For example, there is the image sensor having stacked structure is similar to human retina. Human retina is very efficient vision sensor. New image sensor has realized great function by using the structure of human retina. In my study, I will apply spintronics, novel functional material and new functional structure such as water absorption system without engine which Ligia exotica have to my study, and I will develop the novel functional device with integration between semiconductor engineering and bionics.

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