Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Kozue Shiomi

Assistant ProfessorLife and Environments

Mentor Information
Koji Tamura (Graduate School of Life Sciences)
Research Fields Behaviour, Movement Ecology, Cognitive Ecology
Research Subjects
  • Homeward movements of seabirds (mechanisms, constraints, and evolutionary process)
Academic Society Membership Japanese Society of Bio-Logging Science, Japan Ethological Society
Research Outline Homing behaviours of seabirds: external/internal factors and evolutionary process shaping movement patterns

My research subjects are seabirds such as shearwaters and penguins. During breeding seasons, they repeatedly travel several tens to thousands of kilometers away from their nest to search for food at sea, and precisely come back home.

About such long-distance movements, I am trying to approach

  • How do they select time and route for homing?
  • What factors constrain their timing and route selection?
  • How have their spatio-temporal movement patterns evolved?

through inter-species comparison of behaviours, morphology, and genomes.

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