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Rui Yamada

Tenure in FRIS 2015.1-2022.12

Rui Yamada

Assistant professorMaterials and Energy

Mentor Information
Junji Saida (Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences)
Research Fields Nonequilibrium materials, Materials processing, Powder metallurgy
Research Subjects
  • Structural rejuvenation of metallic glasses
  • Fabrication of micro parts from mono sized metallic glass particles
Academic Society Membership The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, Japan society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
Research Outline  

Metallic glasses are attracted much attention due to their excellent properties, and are expected to be utilized as micro parts. However, the practical use of metallic glasses for micro parts has not been attained yet even until today. Because they do not exhibit the distinct plastic deformation behavior before fracture, that is in other words brittle properties, the application for the structural and high functional materials has been limited so far.

Based on the previous study, it is well known that metallic glasses include a few amount of free volume, whose control enables us to change the several properties of metallic glasses drastically. With such a background, we are focusing on the control of the free volume so as to improve the mechanical properties of metallic glasses.

The objectives of our research are to (1) prepare the bulk samples with a large amount of free volume aiming to improve intrinsic brittle properties of metallic glasses and (2) fabricate novel metallic glass micro parts with high ductility.

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