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Junji Saida

Junji Saida

ProfessorAdvanced Basic Science

Research Fields Non-equilibrium materials, Microstructures of materials, Metal physics
Research Subjects
  • Structure, transformation and mechanical deformation in metallic glasses
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation phenomena in metallic glasses
  • Development of nano-structured and non-equilibrium materials based on metallic glasses
Academic Society Membership Japanese Institute of Metals, The Society of Materials Science, Japan
Research Outline Mechanism of stabilization and formation of nano structure in supercooled liquid state

Recently, anomaly stabilized supercooled liquid state has been found in several alloy systems. The discovery has brought us the new concept such as a novel nanostructured bulk material as well as a slowly cooled glassy alloy, i.e. bulk glassy alloy.

It has been pointed out that the stabilization of supercooled liquid state is attributed to the unique local atomic configuration (local structure) in the liquid or supercooled liquid state. In the recent progress, several unique local structure has been suggested. Moreover, the novel nanostructured materials such as nano icosahedral quasicrystalline particledispersed bulk glassy alloy has been prepared using the stabilized supercooled liquid state.

The research objectives in this subject are to (1) clarify the mechanism of stability of supercooled liquid state and (2) prepare the novel nanostructured materials from the stabilized supercooled liquid state. 

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