Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Tohoku University


Tomoyuki Yamaya

Tomoyuki Yamaya

Senior advisor


I was born in Aomori-city on Feb. 5, 1950. After spending 10-years, I was moved to Morioka-city till graduation of a high-school, and then to Sendai-city for 9 years to get my PhD degree. Thus, I am a native Tohoku-people.

My major at Tohoku University was an Agricultural Chemistry and I have learned plant nutrition. After getting my degree, I spent as a post-doc at JSPS, McMaster Univ., Canada, and Michigan State Univ., U.S.A for several years. My first job was an assistant-professor at Okayama Univ. in 1980. Then, moved back to Tohoku Univ. as an associate professor in 1988. I first retired Tohoku Univ. in 2015. During those days, I focused on the molecular physiology of nitrogen metabolisms in rice plants. I have been a director of Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education from 2 years before my retirement to 2020, and then a senior mentor at the same organization until now. It is my great fun to discuss with young scientists in wide range of research area.

I loved to do skiing, soft tennis, refereeing for football and other sport games, but now just watching those sport events because of my age and condition of my health.

I was a program officer at JSPS, a director for RIKEN, and an editor-in-chief of Plant and Cell Physiology. Those experiences will hopefully help me to work as a senior adviser at FRIS. Looking forward to meeting all of you.