Messages from Supporters

  • Director, Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences

    Toshiyuki Hayase

    In the Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences (FRIS), Tohoku University, worldwide top-level early-career researchers with different specializations come together to conduct research. This collaboration between creative early-career researchers is essential to create new knowledge and value for humanity. Following a proposal by early-career researchers, we established FRIS CoRE, as a platform of co-creation for interdisciplinary researchers. FRIS CoRE provides an environment where early-career researchers can take on new challenges that transcend disciplinary boundaries. We would appreciate your cooperation and support for our early-career researchers.

  • Executive Vice President for Research, Tohoku University

    Motoko Kotani

    Early-career researchers with fresh perspectives are key to Japan’s continued effort to push the frontiers of knowledge. Upon exchanging opinions with early-career researchers in FRIS, the importance of providing basic research environments that enable researchers to realize their original ideas became clear. Early-career researchers at FRIS have taken a proactive step to address this challenge, rather than sitting back and waiting for things to change. To this end, they have proposed the concept of a Cooperative Research Environment (CoRE) containing basic research infrastructure. Here at Tohoku University, we are keen to support the research environments of our early-career researchers. We hope you will join us in supporting them. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support.