How to Donate

The FRIS Fund for Early-Career Independent Researchers was established as a special support fund of the Tohoku University Fund. Please make your donation via the Tohoku University Fund Office.

Please access the Application Form and select “Support the department” in the “Donate to” menu and “FRIS Fund for Early-Career Independent Researchers” in the “Designations” menu.

IndividualsYou can make your donation by credit card, bank transfer, convenience store payment, or postal transfer.

・Postal transfer

We will send out the payment slip. Please complete the procedure from the “Apply for Postal Transfer” section of the Tohoku University Fund website provided below. For the donation category, please select “C-20: FRIS Fund for Early-Career Independent Researchers.” The University will pay the transfer fee.

・Credit card

Please complete the procedure using the Donation Form on the Tohoku University Fund website.d

・Bank transfer

After completing the Tohoku University Fund Application Form, we will send you the account number that you will need to use for the transfer.

・Convenience store payment

The service is available at the following convenience stores.
Please choose a store near you:
○ 7-Eleven ○ Lawson ○ Ministop ○ FamilyMart
○ Seicomart ○ Daily Yamazaki
Note: Convenience store payments cannot exceed ¥50,000.
If you wish to donate more than ¥50,000, please use a different payment method.

・Direct debit

We can also arrange a direct debit. Please contact the Tohoku University Fund Office below for more information.

Corporations/OrganizationsPlease download the Donation Form and fill in the necessary fields, then send the form to the Tohoku University Fund by fax or post.
Tax benefits: The full amount of the donation can be claimed as deductible expenses.<

Please see the following website for more information on how to make a donation: